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The Art of Preschool Story

Art of Preschool formed as a result of a search for continuing education units (CEU’s) that focused on creative teaching approaches. We found many courses of a more traditional nature; often leading to a degree in Early Childhood Education. However, there were few courses that could provide some CEU’s and offer teachers useable creative ideas that can be easily implemented, and make a real difference in their programs and classes.

Our goal is to provide a series of unique, useful, creative trainings for teachers who need just a few more credit hours to complete their yearly re-certification requirements.

Jory Aronson and The Art of Preschool

About Jory

Jory Aronson has been an Early Childhood Educator & Creative Arts Specialist for several decades. With a BS in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College (one of the leading early childhood programs), and as a certified AMI Primary Teacher, Jory has many years experience teaching and leading young children in education and creative arts. Jory also created and, (for a decade), ran a music and art based child care in Portland, Oregon.
Jory has produced six children’s recordings of original songs. She’s worked with a number of fine musicians to produce songs that engage children, speak to their interests, and encourage their active involvement.
Jory has provided participatory family concerts at festivals, libraries, and other venues in the Northwest and Alaska.
Throughout the US, she has led seminars and teacher trainings through BER, Head Start, Early Intervention, and school districts. She is currently certified as a Master Trainer through OCCD.
What Our Teachers Say

Just wonderful...

What a treasure trove for early years workers! Just wonderful. Truly. Laid out in a clear accessible way, full of terrific information and genuinely useful!

—Dr. Carol R.,
Child Psychotherapist and Educationalist

Clear instructions, packed with insight...

Jory's 'Animal Shelter' training provides clear instructions and resources that allow early childhood educators to build an engaging space for children to explore and express themselves through dramatic play.

This training is packed with insight as to why music is such a powerful tool in children's learning, and Jory even offers examples of many of her own creative animal songs via audio and video recordings.

—Tessa L-W,
Early Childhood Educator


Thank you for a great training. Very informative and inspiring!

—Lindsey C.,
Early Childhood Educator

...fun and informative!

It was fun and informative!

Dramatic play is something that we strive to improve at my school... it was great! Thanks again!

The songs were fun too!

—Maria F.,
Early Childhood Educator