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Mind in the Making!

Posted on Saturday, March 07, 2015 by Jory Aronson

I just got back from an intense 3-day training for ‘Master Trainers’. It was inspiring!

Mind in the Making is a unique approach to building The Seven Essential Skills that lead to stronger executive functioning in children, (and indeed, in anyone!). The Skills are based on research, and include an understanding of how teachers and their children learn best, how to become more intentional in promoting children’s learning, and to be aware of the best research on children’s development and learning. It’s about thoughtfully incorporating that research into what we do with children, every day.

I’m looking forward to leading this training, and am sure I’ll continue to learn a lot through the process of presenting it!

Jory Aronson

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The Importance of Music for Children

Posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2014 by Jory Aronson

Jackie Silberg is a fellow Early Childhood Music Specialist. She performs under the name ‘Miss Jackie’, and has released vast quantities of children’s music recordings. Here is her list explaining why she feels music is important. If you google, ‘The Importance of Music for Children’, by Jackie Silberg, you’ll find the whole article, with information about each point.

*Music helps develop children’s language skills.
*Music helps develop children’s self-esteem.
*Music helps develop children’s listening skills.
*Music helps develop children’s math skills.
*Music helps stimulate children’s brain connections.
*Music and movement go together.
*Music relieves stress.
*Music makes transitions easier.
*Music encourages creativity in children.
*Music is a great way to teach children with special needs.

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